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Dee Deprator

Dee Deprator
About "Aunt" Dee Deprator

Dee Deprator, originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, where she lived through her high school years, has been a Cleveland resident for about 20 years now. Dee is an incredibly talented acoustic and electric guitar player, and can also play virtually any stringed instrument, with the exception of violin. She is also an accomplished performer, writer, and recording artist, and a fixture, prior to COVID, on the Cleveland Open Mic scene. Dee also currently plays bass and guitar with Meg and the Magnetosphere, a popular Cleveland-based alternative rock band.

Dee and Handsome Productions

At the time, Handsome proprieter Paul Nickels oversaw a small cottage industry of finding, preparing and disseminating all of the Laughner music he could get his hands on to the small but eager worldwide audience that to this day remains fans. (Handsome is out of that business now; if you are interested in acquiring Peter's music, you want to go to Smog Veil Records.) Naturally, Dee became a part of this, blending the collections, and eventually took the whole business over from Nickels, who had grown tired of packing envelopes with Laughner CDs and shipping them around the world. Dee of course eventually became tired of this as well (trust us), and turned over her collection to the good folks at Smog Veil, who have done a wonderful issue of the best of this material. Probably wouldn't have happened without Dee.

This wasn't the end of the relationship between Dee and Handsome. Dee eventually recorded two albums at Handsome Studio with Nickels on the dials, and also had a third album recorded elsewhere mixed by Nickels. He has also contributed to the records of other Handsome artists, including the Old Brown Shoe Revue and the Backdoor Men's later recordings.

Dee's Music

In musical terms, there is one adjective that immediately pops into mind around Dee: ECLECTIC. Dee can freaking play anything. She's done glam (Tellers, Cobra Verde), heavy metal (Breaker, including one of their great annual gigs in Germany), and everything in between. She is also a living catalog of songs from the Rock Era, from prog to pop to alternative. But at heart, Dee is a blues person. In recent years, she's returned to her blues roots.

Dee is currently working on a new record. It will be her first as Dee. In the meantime, if you want yourself a dose of Dee, check out her weekly Facebook broadcast, The Aunt Dee Show.  Dee is kicking ass and taking names. Click here to visit Dee's Facebook page. Dee is currently working to archive all the shows, which have proven to be the perfect outlet for this extraordinary talent, and are winning her an entirely new fan base, which she richly deserves.

Dee's Electric Sojourn of 2019

While Aunt Dee has returned firmly to her alt-blues roots, she still plays plugged in as the bass player and occasional guitarist for the superb Cleveland outfit Meg and the Magnetosphere, she entered Handsome Studios in the summer of 2019 to lay down some electric tunes. Dee played all the instruments - guitars, bass and drums (with one exception - Handsome producer put down the drums for the Don Harvey chestnut, originally from The Backdoor Men's Mohawk Combover record), and the results are outstanding. All those guitars are played through a five-watt Bugera tube amp! Enjoy these tunes, which stand in testament to Dee's incredible musical versatility. Please note these are full-bodied wav. files and will take a minute to download.

Atomic Crash
Dee Says
File Under Fiction
Oklahoma Jack
Classical Gas

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