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D. Alan Burke &
The Old Brown Shoe Revue

The Old Brown Shoe Revue

OBSR is, from left, D. Alan Burke, Mark Bluhm,
Paul Nickels, and Ed Rezney (crouching).

About The Old Brown Shoe Revue...

The Old Brown Shoe Revue is the brainchild of D. Alan Burke. Mr. Burke was a fixture in the Cleveland Punk Scene of the 1970s when, under the stage name of Dave Blaze, he performed in such legendary Cleveland bands as The Adults and Public Enemy, initially as a drummer and later as a singer/guitarist. Like so many of the era, the bands eventually folded and Alan went on to lead a "normal" life.

Eventually, he felt his interest begin to rekindle, with a new focus on the blues. He began writing some terrific original Chicago-style rhythm & blues tunes, and eventually hooked up with a fellow traveler of the Cleveland Scene of his era, former Backdoor Men drummer and Handsome Productions CEO Paul Nickels, who had developed a passion for recording. Together they recorded D. Alan Burke's first record, called "Every Dime Every Nickel Every Penny."

The boys found such a joy playing and recording the music that a band was formed, the Old Brown Shoe Revue.

Today, The Old Brown Shoe Revue is:

dalanburke          Ed Rezney
Left: D. Alan Burke: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Harmonica.
Right: Ed "Elvis" Rezney: Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Mark          paul
Left: Mark “LoRydor” Bluhm
: Bass Guitar
Paul “Hacker” Nickels: Drums

The Old Brown Shoe Review On Record!

 radio guy     radio

In 2017, D. Alan Burke showed up at the Handsome Studio complex and set about recording five originals and cover versions of two classics, with Nickels on drums and Mark Bluhm covering the bass tracks. The boys were eventually joined by local legends Reginald Redd on saxophone, Dee Deprator on lead guitar, "Harpman" Brantt on harmnica, and future permanent member Mark "LoRydor" Bluhm on bass. (Ed Rezney, busy as guitarist for top-flight Elvis tribute band "Stelvis," had yet to hook up with the boys. Together they completed "Every Dime, Every Nickel, Every Penny." Sample or download the tracks below. Yep - fer free! Just right click on a title and select 'save as.' Or, just click the link and listen.

1. Every Dime Every Nickel Every Penny

2. Tobacco Road

3. Don't Wanna Love Ya But I Do

4. Invitation To The Blues

5. Walkin' The Dog

6. Old Chicken Make Good Soup

7. The Darker The Cherry

The Old Brown Shoe Revue on Film

OBSR performs "Every Dime Every Nickel Every Penny at Bone Daddy's Bar & Grill. The band's first gig! 

"I Feel Better," performed at the Tradewinds Lounge, Euclid, Ohio, July 2019.

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