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About Handsome Productions

The Original Handsome Business Card

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Dave LachWhat is Handsome Productions, you may ask? Fortune 500? Nah. It's actually more interesting than that. Handsome Productions was the brainchild of Dave Lach, a good friend to the Backdoor Men from their earliest days. In fact, he could safely be called BDM's biggest fan. Dave was of great value to the band. First, he was a talented graphic designer in real life (remember, the appearance of his personal business card, shown above, was spawned from the Punk era, and purposefully echoes it. It does not likely portray his actual talent!). He worked at Penton IPC, then a publishing powerhouse in Cleveland, where Dan Cook also worked.

Dave dove right in on all matters BDM, handling publicity and booking the band around Northeast Ohio. Importantly, he also enjoyed RECORDING the band - rehearsals, gigs, anything. The very few worthwhile tapes of the band's earliest years were done by Dave on his trusty reel-to-reel and later digitized by Paul Nickels.

Eventually life intervenes, people have kids, and they move on. Dave did, and today he's a happy grandfather. But his "Handsome Productions" concept still exists.

Handsome is Now a Place to Record

Handsome today is a bit of a musical collective. The Handsome Productions studio in Bay Village is host to the rehearsals of more than one band, and it is also a recording studio that tries to be as helpful to its clients as Lach was to the Backdoor Men. (Click here to learn more about recording at Handsome.) And it's just a darn good name - boy, were we surprised that no one had snapped up that web domain years before we did!

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