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The Clifton Beat

The Clifton Beat

The Clifton Beat Logo

The Clifton Beat is a rock & power-pop band comprised of four veteran music-makers from Lakewood, Ohio -- Mark Bluhm (Jessup, Tumbling Dice, Inner Ring Conspiracy), Paul Nickels (The Backdoor Men, Napoleon in Rags, Inner Ring Conspiracy) Bill Rouse (Dead Celebrities, Inner Ring Conspiracy) were the core of the band, and they were occasionally augmented by  singer David Lowery and guitarist/vocalist Jim Butterfield, whose involvement in Cleveland rock & roll dates to when he launched Banana Records in the 1980s. (He was best known for turning down Trent Reznor!) The band represented the first time several of its members decided to write their own material, which they augmented with some of their favorite covers, including a tendency to love playing The Beatles.

The Clifton Beat began life as Inner Ring Conspiracy back in 2011, which released an original album, "Gray Day in Cleveland," in 2012. When original singer Tim Pursifull departed a couple years later, the band felt the need to re-brand itself, as Tim was such a strong part of the identity of IRC. Thus, they became The Clifton Beat, with 80's,  with Butterfield joining on guitar and vocals and bringing some additional great originals to the band. Work commitments - yes, real life intrudes - forced Jim to leave after just two years, and the door opened for Dave Lowery to join as an additional vocalist/guitarist, completng the band's current lineup.

The band released its only offering on CD, the well-received "Pushing Back the End of Time," in November 2015, and still plays occasional gigs in taverns and special events around Cleveland.


There are a limited number of copies of their debut still available. Send email to paul @ handsomeproductions.com if yer’ innarested! You are also free to download the tracks here. Just right-click on a link and save them to your computer. Or you can just click them to play with your media player.

Cut & Run
Don't Close That Door
Me Yours Yours Mine
Time To Play
The Garden
In A Timely Fashion
The Outside
Change On Me And You
You Walked Away
Come The New Day

The Clifton Beat On Stage

"Little by Little" at the Winchester.

"Slip Away" at the Bevy in Birdtown.

"Cut and Run" at the Bevy in Birdtown.

"In A Timely Fashion," at the Bevy in Birdtown.

"Pure Heart" at Mahalls.

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