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Mark Bluhm

Curmudgeon by Mark Bluhm

Mark Bluhm is a long-time bass player - a fixture on the Cleveland scene as a key rhythm section member of a number of bands that probably entertained many of our readers in their high school years and beyond. A long time special education teacher in Cleveland Heights and, later, Lakewood, Mark NEVER strayed far from music -  even, for a time, working in the business as an A&R man for a couple of the major labels.

Bluhm was playing in a popular Rolling Stones tribute band when, feeling restless after years of playing other people's music, he had begun to yearn for something different - all those years, he'd been writing, but never had a chance to realize his material. Casting about, he stumbled across a Craigslist post looking for a bass player interested in playing in an original band. The source of the ad was Lakewood guitarist Bill Rouse, who had been looking to team up with drummer Paul Nickels and singer Tim Pursifull to write and deliver his own originals. Meetings were arranged, and a musical relationship that has lasted a decade was launched.

Bluhm and Nickels comprised the rhythm sections of both Inner Ring Conspiracy and The Clifton Beat, and write he did - the bands each made a record and roughly half the contributions coming from Bluhm.

With live music on hold thanks to the damn coronavirus, Bluhm turned his attention to  "Curmudgeon," his long anticipated solo album. It's now officially released on Handsome Productions! The record features 14 songs, 12 of them Bluhm originals.
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Dog Days
Twice Told Tales
Sad Charade
Night Like Tonight
Go To Pieces
Night And The City
Drinking In The Sunshine
No Time For Regrets
Never Walk Alone
Echoes Of Darkness
Love Come Calling
Rally Round The Flag
Not Fade Away

If you'd like to order a CD, send email to paul @ handsomeproductions.com. The cost is just $10,and includes shipping to your door!

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