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Leroy Fail

Tex-ifornian Leroy Fail is the songwriter of America's
favorite Sci-Fi Surf-Rock Folk-Punk Alt-Garage EPs,
"DRIVE-IN PLANET", "ATTACK of the 50' SURFER", & more

Leroy Fail and Terry Hartman in the ArmyHere’s the Cleveland connection: Leroy & noted Cleveland singer/songwriter Terry Hartman (The Backdoor Men, The Deadbeat Poets) were protecting the homeland as combat-trained Remington’s Rangers, assigned to action at USAREUR 7th Army Headquarters, Heidelberg, Germany in 1970.

Leroy heard Terry writing songs in the reverberating attic floor hallway of Patton Barracks.  Next thing you know Leroy is singing harmony & honing his songwriting chops from this incredibly creative period of Terry’s writing.

Along with singer/writer/madman Dan Murley, the trio became the core of the infamous Fat City Electric Boat Ride & Annual Taco Fest, with Terry cranking out songs to send back to his Cleve pals Pete Laughner & Dan Cook.

Duty tours end, & back in the USA, Fat City chases the ghosts of American music, hitching rides to & from Cleve, New Orleans, Beaumont, Houston, S.F. …  & into the West Coast sunset.

Thirty years later, Leroy finds Paul Nickels (via Handsome) & re-connects with Terry, whose latest song, “The Truth About Flying Saucers”, inspires Leroy to write the whole “Drive-In Planet”, sci-fi-rock concept, & … here we go again!

Want to contact Leroy by email?  He's at gfail @ sbcglobal.net. Don't use those spaces - that's just to stave off the junk mail.

Songs By Leroy

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Flying Saucers Over Paris

Something That I Don't Know

I Think That I'm Falling

Santa Cruz Girls


Death Valley Rag

Dora Lives

Drive-In Planet

Attack of the 50' Surfer

Einstein Beach

Surf Music California

Monsters at the Drive-In

A Rock & Roll Song

This Island Earth

Baby, Sayonara

It's Supposed To Be

Alien Girl

Power to Spare

Gatesville, Texas, 1966

The Marfa Lights

Albums and Singles by Leroy

Reviews from Amazon.com:

Mars Rover(AKA Leroy Fail) writes the best damn sci-fi/surf music on the planet. “Baby Sayonara” is a song we first wrote together in 1970 and fine-tuned over the years. Terry Hartman-“The Deadbeat Poets”

Everyone should give a listen to this lo-fi high concept CD. its the perfect soundtrack for reading an old EC Weird Science comic or getting ready to watch a late night 50s-60s sci-fi flick. Top Pick: “Monsters at the Drive In” with Mars great vocals, classic doo-wop stylings, and witty lyrics. Forget about the Monster Mash..this is the real deal! Gary Feldman-“RC Flyer”

“Drive-In Planet” is the most completely fun album I've heard in quite some time. B-movie coolness , vintage California surf culture & a loose, playful vibe add up to 31 minutes of pure pleasure . The songs are catchy in a natural , uncalculated way & every song packs a maximum lyrical punch with cool pop-culture references. Highlights include the monster hooks of " Take A Trip To Another World ", the So-Cal harmonies of " Monsters At The Drive-In", the driving fun-rock of " Surfer With A Brain " and the beyond-cool atmosphere of " Baby Sayonara ". Sean Hutton-“Raquel’s Boys”

Fantastic record! Loaded with hooks, very strong original vibe. Love the wispy use of the old style synths, love the great hooks. Totally knocked out by “Baby, Sayonara”. Really, really good stuff! - Paul Nickels, Handsome Productions.com

Purchase "Drive-In Planet" by Leroy Fail on Amazon here.

Lovin Her Today

Purchase "Lovin' Her Today" on Amazon here.

Singles by Leroy

Buy digital singles downloads by Leroy here for Death Valley Rag, Lovin' Her Today, and Dora.

Videos by Leroy

Flying Saucers Over Paris  

Death Valley Rag

Gatesville, Texas, 1966

I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do!)

Einstein’s Dream

Monsters at the Drive-In

A Rock & Roll Song

Drive-In Planet

Baby Sayonara (Pokeman, Don’t You Sony Anime)

This Island Earth