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About Inner Ring Conspiracy

Inner Ring Conspiracy from left to right: Tim Pursifull, Paul Nickels, Mark Bluhm, and Bill Rouse.

Inner Ring Conspiracy Rocks Lakewood

By Bill Rouse

So what compels four, middle-aged guys to embark on an original music project, replete with weekly practices, selling & playing gigs and recording?  For 40- & 50-somethings with families, putting forth effort to play in a band has seemingly more downsides than upsides.  Spouses are thinking you are losing it (at least at first), your kids are thinking you are way not cool (this doesn’t go away) and many others are wondering “Why are you doing this?!”  Many assume that I am going through a midlife crisis.  Maybe so, but I don’t know how to shake it if that’s the case.  And then there is the constant struggle to fit weekly practices among other workplace and personal priorities. 

The upsides?  For us, writing and playing music is not just fun - it’s sort of a calling, an itch that needs to be scratched; it’s even cathartic.  I feel most healthy when I’m playing music.

With that said, Inner Ring Conspiracy was formed in the winter of 2010-11 by Lakewood residents Mark Bluhm (bass), Paul Nickels (drums), Tim Pursifull (lead vocals) and Bill Rouse (guitar).  As musical genres go, we play “power-pop”.  Our music is bona fide electric rock music, with writing influences ranging from Buddy Holly to the Rolling Stones to the ‘90s Seattle sound.  We ride that fine line of taking our music seriously while trying not to take ourselves so.  I love the question, “Are you any good?”  We think so, but of course we better think that.  But you can decide for yourself. Come see us!

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