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The Record


Every Dime, Every Nickel, Every Penny
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The Songs:

1.       Every Dime, Every Nickel, Every Penny
(D. Borucki)

2.       Tobacco Road
(J.D. Loudermilk)

3.       Don’t Wanna Love You But I Do
(D. Borucki)

4.       Invitation To The Blues
(T. Waits)

5.       Walkin’ The Dog
(Rufus Thomas)

6.       Old Chicken Make Good Soup
(D. Borucki)

7.       The Darker the Cherry
(D. Borucki)

The Inside Dope:

All songs by Dave Borucki published by Mab Zab Publishing (BMI), © 2017.

“Invitation to the Blues” written by Tom Waits and published by Fifth Floor Music (ASCAP), © 1976.  “Tobacco Road” written by John D. Loudermilk, © 1960. “Walkin’ the Dog” written by Rufus Thomas, © 1963.  All Rights Reserved.

Produced and recorded by Paul J. Nickels for Handsome Productions. Mixed by Paul J. Nickels and D. Alan Burke. Mastered by Paul J. Nickels for Handsome Productions. Copyright 2017, all rights reserved.

Special Thanks…

I dedicate this record to my very patient and loving wife Terri Ann, my beautiful daughters Maggie and Veronica, and to all the friends and family, present and departed, whose ripples touched my life and who generously tolerated the byways of my crooked journey. Special thanks to Paul Nickels for the late and lonely hours spent in the haunting glow of the mixing board, turning a sow’s ear to a silk purse. I am also grateful for the musical contributions of some real talented sidemen, who raised the bar. The check’s in the mail…